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We at Hela International strive to offer our USA and international consumer’s innovative and practical household cleaning products including, bath, towel and shower sponges. Our goal is to maintain competitive innovation. Keeping up with modern trends by developing effective products, most are non-scratch and long lasting causing less environmental waste. At the same time, they are very competitively priced for any customer to purchase and use.

Our sister Company, “Somaki de Mexico SA de CV” has been manufacturing quality cleaning, health and beauty products since 1987. Hela International shares common ownership with Somaki. Hela keeps continuous inventories in the USA and handles all sales of “Fregon” and “Skincare” in the United States.

We manufacture a wide portfolio of products in both cleaning, health and beauty.

Fregon, Our Fregon line is a complete set of the best selling scrubbing products for household use. From soft and gentle to heavy duty, all of our products are manufactured with the highest standards of quality.

Skincare, Our Skincare line of supplies consists of several sponges and towels from very soft (best used on sensitive to normal skin) to very exfoliating (best for dry and rough skin types). Many of our products are made of unique fabrics developed by us in our laboratories.

Eco-Clean, Our Eco-clean line offers effective cleaning products while being as friendly as possible to the Earth’s environment. Featuring quality Oxodegradeble materials. (Plastic that degrades in the presence of oxygen and the process is accelerated by UV and heat. It can be recycled during its useful life with normal plastic)

Fregon brand has become a well known leader in the cleaning sector of Mexico household products. “Fregon Clasico” started a new Nielsen category in Mexico defined with our name as generic consumables. Fregon products can be found in practically all the major chains in Mexico and many smaller stores through distributors throughout the country.

Fregon and Skincare have also become major players in the cleaning and health and beauty sections in US stores, especially in stores with high demographic of Hispanic consumers. Fregon has become a major brand in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and many other markets. Our products have also crossed over to the general market because of their high quality and uniqueness.